Services: Marketing Automation

Small businesses can now benefit from “Lead Generation” and “Customer Relationship Management” technology to achieve sustained growth. Tom and his staff provide this fully managed service, freeing you up run your business.

Why Marketing Automation?

Drive More Relevant Leads Leads that Convert

Triple your leads by identifying anonymous web traffic.

Capture more leads with dynamic forms designed to convert.

Automatically extract lead information from social media.

Convert Leads to Sales

Send the right message at the right time using powerful, behavioral-based email marketing.

Set up workflows to automatically nurture leads through the buyer’s cycle.

Empower your sales team with automatic lead scoring and sales notifications.

Optimize ROI

View comprehensive campaign analytics and identify improvement opportunities.

Track ROI to focus on what works and eliminate waste.

Easily export graphs and reports for organization-wide buy-in.

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Marketing Automation

A suite of tools that enables companies to more effectively market across multiple channels while automating repetitive tasks, generating more leads, driving more sales and optimizing ROI.

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