About Us

The Tom Merson Consulting Team is THE expert in marketing your products and services in the Greater Montreal area.

Tom Merson's strength is its hands-on management approach. Focusing on the business as a whole. The Marketing of a product or service is not an isolated activity; it is but a single ingredient making up the culture of a firm. Each decision has a "cause and effect" on every aspect of your daily activities.

You will find in Tom Merson a wealth of information and solutions that can only be harvested from his many years of business experience.

His structured, analytical approach has brought success to many firms and individuals as they strive to grow their market share.

Starting in the 80's he earned his stripes largely as an expert in printed materials used to advertise products and services. His main focus was small to medium size businesses as well as multinationals who were intrigued by his vision of couponing and loyalty programmes as tools to achieve new levels of sustained success.

As technology rapidly advanced his arsenal of weapons grew to include targeted campaigns with built-in monitoring; segment driven promotion, personalized direct marketing as well as Technology driven Digital Marketing , Social Media Optimization and Marketing Automation.

Would you like to know more about the latest Smart Marketing tools for growing your business?